Green Power

The Board of Public Utilities, The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and the environmental community are working together to provide our customers the option of utilizing Green Power.  Green Power is electric power drawn from renewable resources that have a minimal impact on the environment.  The use of Green Power can help ease the dependence of the Tennessee Valley upon non-renewable resources such as coal and other fossil fuels.  By using fewer fossil fuels to generate energy, we can help maintain the clean air and water we all enjoy for generations to come.  TVA plans to use solar energy, wind, and landfill gas to generate power for their Green Power Switch program.

Both residential and non-residential BPU customers may participate in the Green Power program.  Customers may purchase Green Power at a rate of $4.00 per 150 kilowatt-hour block.  Each block amounts to approximately 12% of the typical household’s energy usage.  The generated Green Power is added to TVA’s total power mix which is then shared by customers in the Tennessee Valley.