Services and Programs

For the benefit of our members

Electric Service

The Board of Public utilities provides electric service to all citizens of Henry County, TN. For information concerning Application for Service, Connections, Disconnections and Transfers of service, please see the appropriate section under Customer Services.

The Pre-Pay program offered by the BPU allows customers to structure payments in a way that best fits their needs and to view their daily usage online.  Pre-Pay is available for ELECTRIC RESIDENTIAL service only.

Advantages include:

  • No credit check when connecting service
  • No deposit on electric service
  • Real time usage information
  • Flexibility of payments
  • Manage electric usage
  • Customers receive notifications by email or text messages
  • No penalties charged on electric service
  • Customers will not receive a monthly electric bill. Customers who are multi-service will continue to receive a monthly bill for services other than electric.

Surge Protection:
Because life and your electrical equipment are not as simple as they used to be, you need protection from electrical disturbances called surges.  BPU offers protection at the meter base.  The meter base unit protects residential “standard white appliances” which includes your washer, dryer, range, refrigerator, freezer, HVAC unit, dishwasher, and garbage disposal.

The meter base unit does not protect home computers, TV’s, electronics, well pumps, sprinkler systems or hard-wired security systems.


  • Up to $1,000 per appliance to repair or replace (whichever is less)
  • Maximum coverage is $10,000 per household

Water and Wastewater Services

BPU provides water and wastewater services to citizens of Paris, TN plus a limited number of residents directly outside the city limits.  Our employees meet all certification requirements and are proud to serve our community.

Water:  Water produced at the BPU treatment plant is sent to approximately 7,000 homes throughout Henry County.  BPU water customers total 5,000 while the other homes are served by other utilities who purchase water from BPU.  BPU maintains 130 miles of water mains.  Water service is billed in thousands of gallons.

Wastewater:  BPU maintains 110 miles of wastewater main and serves over 4,000 customers.


In 1954, BPU provided the City of Paris a means to bill citizens for sanitation (garbage      pick-up) fees.  Fees are included in the monthly utility bill, but BPU employees do not provide the sanitation service.  The service is provided by the City of Paris.  If you have     questions or issues concerning sanitation services, please call the City of Paris at 731-642-0473.

Heating and Cooling Loan Program

BPU offers a low interest financing solution for installation of central heating and air conditioning.

Loan Application
  • Current interest rate is 6%
  • No application fee.
  • There is no down payment required and customers have up to ten (10) years to pay back the loan.
  • Monthly payments are added to your utility bill.
  • No collateral required.
  • There are no penalties applied for early payoff.
  • Customers will select a vendor based on an approved list (Quality Contractor Network) provided by BPU.
  • BPU provides a free follow-up inspection after the installation is complete.