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On behalf of our organization, I welcome you to our website which contains information to help you conduct business with us or use our utility services more wisely. We are focused on providing reliable, cost-based services in a customer oriented environment.
Please contact us if you need further information or wish to order an additional service. Your opinion is important to us. Your comments will be appreciated in assisting us in serving you better.
Sincerely, John Etheridge, General Manager
  • The Paris Board of Public Utilities will be flushing fire hydrants during the week of March 23. Our customers could possibly experience air in water lines or discoloration in the water. Please check for discoloration of water prior to doing laundry. If these conditions occur, run water through a faucet for several minutes. The water should return to normal in a short amount of time. If problems continue, please feel free to contact Terry Wimberley at 642-1322, ext. 149.